Sunday, February 1, 2009

The superbowl is upon us.

We all know the Superbowl is probably the biggest anticipated sports game in America. Bigger than the Olympics, Bigger than March Madness. Hell, it does have the word Super in it. But what makes it so special? Why are people always so intrigued by it?

The Commercials
Now, yes, some people do actually watch the game. There are the die hard fans that are in the parking lot in Tampa now, painted some ridiculous color, and incredibly intoxicated. Most of the rest of us though are sitting at home, with a few friends, a couple 30 racks, and all the dips and chips you can imagine. But, while we watch the game, yelling over every pass, missed tackle, and interception, we are really only looking forward to one thing. Those commercials.

But now we don't have to! Thanks to the interweb we can all view those amazing comercials before they even make it onto tv! Like this one!
Career Builder Whats better than a grown man crying? punching a small animal in the face. Yep, Thats the clincher. Theres no reason not to. I laughed my balls off when I saw this one, and there are thousands others. some are excellent. Some are just horrible. None will ever live up to the amazing 7up comercials of the past 7 up That was by far one of the greatest commercials ever created and played.

Now that your aware of this unknown fact. That you can watch the commercials before, after, or during the Superbowl, with out having to actually watch steroid abusing individuals fondle each other over a ball, are you going to start looking? I sure as hell hope so. Enjoy, and please, drink responsibly. lol.

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