Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sorry about the banners

Sorry to everyone about the new banner add on the side.

I know I know, Banner ads suck, and I agree, I tend to block 90% of them. However this banner actually could potentially make me money, where as the google adsense banners, well, lol.

Basically the deal is, for each person that clicks it, signs up, and fills out just their name, I get 20 cents. The more they do they more I make. by them signing up for any of the actual services (the not free ones that are 100% optional) I can make $$ :-D Now ya, I probably will only get 1 person to click it in a whole year, but if that 1 person actually uses the system well (Like I am, Im at $5, and spent maybe 10 minutes of free time and no money) then I will actually start making money.

This is about the only legit scheme I have come across where people, and LOTS of people actually receive money!!

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  1. Lets Make Money Now

  2. Thanks for the comment :-) I am already up to $13 and hoping to make a good deal more!

  3. I'm up to about $32 dollars in just over 2 days. Only site I could ever find that really works, and doesn't make you pay fees to find out if it does.