Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some stumblers just aren't good stumblers

After having a blog for 3 months I have noticed there are several kinds of stumblers.

there's the "I click through till i see a picture" stumblers. These people apparently never saw the photos option on their toolbar.

Next is the "I liked your page, but instead of clicking on your other pages, I am just going to stumble again, and if I arrive at another of your pages, cool". Yes, I am sometimes guilty of this, But many times if something excites me, I stumble through their other stuff hoping that it too is as exciting. If it isn't, ehh. But if it is :-D

there's the "Its a blog, instant click off" stumblers. Understandable, a lot of blogs are boring, annoying, or just plain full of dumb information.

Next is the "I have never clicked thumbs up or thumbs down" stumbler. These people are the worst. Not only are they not rating sites for others to view, but they are basically looking through content that some individuals not all, a good deal of people just steal others contentput time and energy into creating, and giving them no feedback.

Lastly, is the "wow, I like that, I am going to re post it on my site" stumbler. These are the absolute worst. How can you live with yourself knowing you are just steeling other peoples information! Seriously!

Sure I feel like a bit of a stalker. I use the wonderful Feedjit site to see how people get to my site, and how they leave. And man, 95% of people stumble one post, and then stumble away. No ratings, not anything. Just "meh"

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  1. Hi Waldo - I've had Stumblers like you've mentioned and it can be frustrating.

    Being busy I don't have the time to Stumble as often as I use to, but now I always give a post a thumbs up and will write a review. It's my way of saying thank you for a great post or photo.

  2. Much thanks! I too have less time to stumble now, but usually if it is original comment I at least manage to get a thumbs up in, and if it really gets me, I give a review. If only there was more time in a day for stumbling. lol.