Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How virus's are often like the Vietcong

So I had a pretty annoying virus problem today. Virtumonde decided to install itself all over a computer I was working on. Spybot SD only could remove parts of it. Symantics virtumonde remover couldn't do it, And neither could another program specifically designed to take out virtumonde.

It's a lot like the Vietcong. You see, we first thought "lets fight this like we fight the rest" We dropped some bombs, sent in the troops, and for some reason, although we killed 15 Cong, 9 more identical looking bastards would re-appear after boot up, and then another 7" Just like the initial spybot scan.

SO then we equip ourselves with better weapons. (symantec, specific programs, in safe mode) And all hell breaks loose. Not only are they appearing faster, but with even more fury.

So, In an all ditch effort what do we do? Carpet bomb, Agent orange, NAPALM!!! Launching every program you can to get rid of them, Safemode, Hijack this, Autoruns, malware bytes, just all of it.

But in the end, Just like Vietnam, you realize that your fucked. No matter what you do, its just getting worse. Wait, No, this is a computer. Instead of withdrawing in defeat, never to mention it again, "yes, i would like to boot to this windows XP CD and reformat"

Take that Virtumonde!

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  1. so should I tell you I know how to fix the issue right away, so you didn't have to suffer so much?

  2. Lol, Sure, a good solution would rock in case I have a re-occurence.

  3. +1 I could've had you back up and runnin in less than 10min.

  4. Hey, a solution set would still be great in case I run into it again. I thought I had it licked 2-3 times but to no avail.