Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I made Ninety Eight Dollars off of Cash Crate

As several folks know I started doing Cash Crate As a way to make extra money on my lunch breaks at work and at home during commercials. Well my 2nd month of doing it has paid off even more netting me $98 Big ones, All for around 9 hours of work, during time I would otherwise be totally bored!

But aren't all of those sites scams?
That's what I thought and was cautious at first. Turns out all you do for this program is take surveys for companies like Nike, Mcdonalds, Pepsi, Coke, and more!

It's that simple?
Yep! All you do are surveys worth anywhere from 25cents to $2, and they credit either instantly, or within a few hours! I only use the program when I am bored during commercial breaks.

It's fast, it's simple and it's 100% Free!!!!

Yep, that's right, you never enter a credit card, you never have to buy anything, or make any telemarketing calls! All you do are free sample offers and get paid!

I never knew that making money online could be so simple and fun!

Better yet, you get $1 straight up, just for signing up and filling out your info!

So if your 13+, want to earn some extra cash, and have a little bit of free time, Check it out!
Nothing better than earning Free money online. The Best GPT site Around!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Dog Day 2009

Alas, Hot Dog Day 2009, the annual festival held between Alfred State College and Alfred University occurred with fantastic results this last weekend. Hot dogs and alcohol flooded the streets as numerous events, parties, and a parade took place.

Each year Mu Theta and Psi Sigma Psi team up right outside of Alex's College Spot and cook weiners to our content. We haev always prided ourselves in our awesome weiner handling capabilities, and the fact that we produce probably 1/2-3/4 of all of the weiners sold on Hot Dog Day. This year was no different. Before the tickets went on sale our booth had 100+ dogs cooked and buns all set to go. We sold out of them within a half an hour, even though we had a constant stream of weiners coming off the grill. Our well coordinated efforts allowed us to ensure EVERY Patron could put a weiner in their mouth, with out much of a wait.

This year, We even made the Evening Tribune

But the history of the event was not lost on the Greek organizations that sold hot dogs to the masses on Main Street, along with various other foods, arts and crafts vendors.

“We cooked over 2,000 for sure. We had to go get more,” said Maria Terrigimo, a member of Psi Sigma Psi who helped man the grills. “It’s just great to be out here with friends.”

“We’ve been out here since 9 a.m.,” said Mu Theta member Mike Nuttle, adding the only thing getting him down “not so much, but it’s the heat.”

And of course, the fun didn't stop at the Hot Dog booth. All of us descended upon the bars and numerous house parties to have a fantastic evening full of drunken debauchery. Beer Pong, assorted hookups, and pitcher after pitcher of ice cold fantasticness.

So if you ever have the opportunity to attend a hot dog day, be sure to swing by the Mu Theta and Psi Sigma Psi Weiner Tent, and let us put our meat, in your mouth

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So you want to marry your friends.

Early in my college career, fall 2005 as it would be, I began to realize that my faith as a Pastafarian could lead to some trouble down the road. If/When I choose to get married, how would I accommodate my pirate regalia, Barrels of Rum, and several lines of "ARG MATEY!" before I go and "plunder the booty" of the honey moon.

Well I did some research and found a way that I myself could become an ordained minister. Now, while I could not marry myself, I would be able to perform legal marriages in the state of New York *As well as several other states/counties/countries.*

Seeing as I am always one to go against the main stream religion, I grabbed my mouse and clicked away to the where I found I could become legally ordained 100% FREE! I just had to make sure I abide by all applicable governing laws, as well as these following rules.

The Universal Life Church | ULC is the only denomination in the world that opens its doors to all, and welcomes all who ask to Become an Ordained Minister. We are non-denominational. We support a full spectrum interfaith ministry. Over 20 million ministers have been ordained online throughout the world. We make no religious hurdles, no hoops to jump through, no tests of loyalty, no rings to kiss and no fees to pay. The Universal Life Church represents freedom, and to have freedom you can not make demands upon individuals. In the Universal Life Church Monastery everyone is equal - the same level of greatness is enjoyed by all. We will be your personal minister/consulate and advisor, with your consent at no charge to you. We ordain all who ask and welcome you to the Universal Life Church Monastery Ministries.

So basically, as long as I didn't discriminate against individuals for their beliefs, i was pretty much set! FABULOUS, since that is one of my main reasons for disliking organized religion. I signed up to receive my ordination certificate and it came a short time later.

Although I from time to time would mention my ordination, or would write letters as "Reverend Patrick Bernard Whelehan III" it went long unused, and ended up in the back of a folder in a closet. That is until my Fraternity brother and good friend "Petey Pop" was in need.

A little over a year ago, he managed to impregnate his girlfriend, and they were recently blessed with a little poop machine to call their own. Everything was going great for them, and they were working on becoming married in the future when everything with school, jobs, and having the baby began to settle down. Sadly the county of Allegheny in NY happens to have some pretty out their rules regarding children. It seems that if you excrete a baby out of wedlock, the Father is required by the state to pay child support. Thats cool right?
Well in Pete's case it most certainly wasn't. He and his Girlfriend had been living together for over a year, shared expenses, and when the baby came Pete was there to support. However Allegheny county didn't see it that way. If his support wasn't funneled through their hands *And $50+ removed each transaction for their "fees"* He was doing it wrong. Apparently wrong to the sum of several thousand dollars.

Pete was left with 2 options. Pay up all the money at once, or go to jail. Thats where I came in. Just a week or 2 ago they came to my house early in the morning to get married. It was a quick quaint service, with half sleeping witness's, but everyone was there and it was still a joyous occasion. Even the poop machine *who managed not to poop* was enjoying the wedding.

Earlier this week I got the call that the wedding was a success, they had the marriage certificate, and were happily set. Although they will do a more formal event in the future for the families and friends, this quick yet legal ceremony allowed them to keep living life, and to raise their beautiful child.

If you are interested in becoming ordained, I encourage you to check it out, and see what hoops you may have to jump through in your state or county. It is a great feeling to know you have made a couple happy.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pud Light

Last night I was out at Acme Bar in Rochester with some of my fraternity brothers and sorority sisters and came across what I thought was a pretty clever sign.

The sign was originally for Bud Light, a pretty decent beer that has been known to give me gas, but someone managed to pull off a part of the sign and make it say "pud"

For those unfamiliar with the word Pud, it is often a slang word for a males genitalia.

For example "Hey, quit playing with your pud"
People often times will use 2 of the same lettered words to describe it.

"Playing with your Pud"
"pulling your pud"
"plow her with your pud"

Regardless of how you use your pud, it's best served light, less calories, and quite possibly better for you overall. Just be careful if you have any pud light with lime, I heard that it can leave a very dissatisfying taste in your mouth, and if you get any in your eyes, its all over.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Comics for filler

As you all know, when I am Bored or Lazy I do something to fill the space here on my blog. That's why I have some new comics for everyone!

If you take offense, grow up. These are Funny and may make you feel bad inside.

I know the comics are a little crude, but I had to shrink them to fit.

And my second comic

I will attempt to get a better update out for everyone to enjoy later this week. I have been busy installing a new bar in my basement. Everyone loves their alcohol and I am no different. *Takes another sip of vodka-aide *

Remember! If you like it leave comments, social book mark me, or check out my other pages! Also, check out my girlfriends new site


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Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to Detect and Remove the Conficker or Downadup Worm from your Computer

For the last day I have been struggling with Removing the Conficker worm from computers at my place of employment. The worm is very clever which makes it harder to eliminate.

* Cannot run Windows Update
* Cannot Update Antivirus Software
* Cannot start up in Safe Mode
* Inability to view many websites

The worm keeps you from going to sites to try to get rid of it, and instead occasionally will redirect you to sites that Have more malicious files.

Checking for the worm
So, Do you have the worm? Lets check. Go to In Internet Explorer.
If the page loads, your on to a good start. There are 6 images displayed on the page right at the top. If some of them load, yet others don't, you probably have a variant of the Conficker worm. If they all load successfully, you are most likely alright. It should look like the below picture if everything loaded correctly

So if you do have issues viewing the site, or Microsoft update, here is the EASIEST way to remove it.
If you have access to a second computer, Utilize that computer to download the two following files. First, download this file
This file is a memory killer which will immediately kill the conficker worm if it is running. BEFORE RUNNING however, you must rename the file so it does not contain the word "conficker". You can easily toss a letter or 2 in the name to get it to work. Run the file. It will flash a command prompt quickly that should go through and terminate all running conficker process's.

The next step is to download and run the fixdwndup tool from Symantec located here Once you have obtained it, run the program and it will find the infection and clean it. Immediately reboot your computer and perform a windows update, as well as update all anti-virus software you have, and run regular scans. During the time your computer was infected, you MAY have contracted other worms and virus's.

If you have ANY Questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to post below and I will answer them! Best of luck!

Also, If you liked this site, Check out the Rest of my Links, Learn about my GPT (Get Paid To) experience through And see how YOU can Make Money online with out paying a dime!

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