Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flying Fucks

Did some Turkey Day ice skating in Conneticut over the break. Pretty interesting since I am too tall lanky and gangly to really ice skate. Two things made it awesome.

1)Little kids all decked out in hockey gear that cried every time they fell (Can't wait to watch them get checked into the glass by the fat 5 year old)

2And the fact that the sign on the glass truly represented what open skate is at a rink.

Flying fucks
You know, those people that have NO CLUE that they are ice skating with 40 other people, so they ignore the cones, the "We skate in a counter clockwise fashion" and pretty much everyone else. So while your going straight, they are turning into you arms flopping about as if they are having a wonderous orgasm on ice.


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