Friday, February 20, 2009

funny captcha

So all the time i am on the interweb submitting stuff for people to see and all teh time I have to submit captchas. Whats a captcha? It's one of those funny looking boxes that makes you enter in soem randomly generated word/number to try to make sure your not a robot. Pretty cool, it keeps down on the spam.

Whats not cool is when you get some really messed up ones, Like this.

Image Hosted by

Honestly, WTF! Why !!

I did not want to see that, but, shit happens right

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  1. OMFG!! That is hilarious! I have gotten some ironic Captchas in the past, but this trumps all.

  2. haha ya! I haven't seen many others that are more funny than this one. I saw one on someone elses blog that said "blame Canada"

  3. Almost sprayed my coffee outta my nose on that one lol. Thanks for sharing it lol

  4. your blog is seriously hilarious! I am afraid to read anymore! I have seen some weird captchas but this one is the icing on the cake. hahahaha!

  5. It's definitely the weirdest one I have ever seen.

  6. lol lol that's really funny haha!

  7. "My D*ck's~♪ got a Caesar doo. Yo' D*ck needs a tweezer dude.~♫" :D