Thursday, August 28, 2008

Student Workers: can you get any dumber?

For 3 and a half years I have worked on campus at a fast food version of Friendlys. We do cheeseburgers, hot dogs, a few wraps, and French fries and shit. Basic mcdonalds menu right? Working there is a piece of cake. After 15 minutes of training I learned how to do everything. 99% of it is common sense anyways. Deep fry the Fries, until they are golden brown. Cook the hamburger till it is not pink. etc. Easy easy things.

Well aparently having common sense, or possessing basic reasoning skills is NOT always associated with college students. I find this pretty hard to believe. You may be going to become a nurse, a architect, or a computer technician, yet you can't deep fry French fries? You can't ladle soup into a cup? If you perform this bad at simple tasks, it just makes me think that you would be the worst nurse/architect/computer tech ever. Honestly! How dumb can you be?

Luckily out of the dozen or so people I work with, 90% are either return students, or freshman that caught on quick.But there is still that lazy asshole that doesn't know how to do shit. Some days I just want to strangle them and deep fry their face. I understand if the kitchen is REALLY busy, and there is only 1 person there doing tons of orders, if you mess stuff up, or burn some fries. That doesn't happen! there are like 5 people in a kitchen that only needs 2-3, there are NO customers half the time, and you STILL burn them. FUCK!

Thank god with Mcdonalds fries they actually are self measuring, and cooking. You just push a button. If the kid fucks that up, he should just eat a bottle of aspirin.

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