Friday, August 22, 2008

Hi Mike!

Moving back to college, I get the opportunity to meet tons of new people. Precisely 1,000 that have never actually been to Alfred. With a name like Waldo, you would think I would go unnoticed a lot. Nope, Wrong. Every single person I meet, even if its just for 1 minute, Knows my name. And then I have to remember theirs.

The first day my fraternity came out early and helped freshmen move into the dorms. We would carry anything from the mini-fridge, to the 10 bags of shoes up the stairs. Of course I try to get to know everyone. Well 2 hours and 8 mikes into it, I just gave up. How many Mike's can there be. I already know at least 10 that go/went to this school, and now I just met a bunch more. Not to mention I haven't met that many of them yet! I began to wonder. "Is this some sort of "Mike" phenomenon. Did an unproportionate number of mike's just apply to this school, and all the Dave's applied to another?" And then I began to think about it.

Our society is pretty conformist. We either stick with the same old same old, or come up with something totally off the wall that is just nuts. There is no middle ground. Your kid is either named Mike, Dave, Amanda, or they are named, Lateala, Apple, and Dashielle. But I guess it's not a new trend. Working at the nursing home for so long I met probably 140 residents total. Well I bet at least 25 were Ruth's. another 20 were Annes, and then a dozen or so named marion. then you had the out there names. Beatrice, Gertrude, Loraine, Rudy.

Just seems strange. Why are we either so alike, or so unique. Never really in the middle. Or is it that everyone in the middle just blends in so well. Sort of like I should in a crowd.

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