Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Addiction of Stumbling

It isn't often that I become addicted to things. I have a pretty addictive personality, so I end up attempting to steer clear of things that could potentially screw me. I don't smoke, I don't do any sort of Coffee or energy drink caffeine crap. I do drink, and drink hard occasionally, but thats cool right?
    Now I have come across a new addiction. For years I have been what you could call "Obsessed" with the computer. I am online all of the time doing everything in the world. Constant communication with friends, family and strangers. The news at my fingertips, and of course, hysterical things like

Cyanide and Happiness
That being said, I began to notice I was growing bored while on the computer. I had nothing to really do. I had read all the "good" sites. I have seen all the funny pictures and movies, and I have played all those little 2d games.  I was almost afraid I would have to re-enter the world of reality when it hit me. Stumbling.

For those of you not familiar with stumbling, it's a wonderful concept developed as a Firefox add in. Basically you fill out a short check box survey of things you like, and each time you click "Stumble!" it takes you to a site that other users that enjoy the same things thought was cool. Well after about 5 hours of this I realized I had almost wet myself, and was horribly dehydrated. I had just seen so many funny video clips, pictures, and learned a ton about new technology. I didn't think it could get much better, yet it still continues. Stumble afters Stumble leads me to another crazy thing I never saw on the internet.

Now of course, it is always bad to be addicted to something, but whats worse is when you addict OTHERS to it, knowing just how bad it is. It's the same thing with anything else. One person starts smoking, and slowly they con everyone around them to come out and smoke with them, and before long everyone is pissed they smoke, but can't stop. Well I have successfully gotten about 3 people addicted to stumbling, and I almost feel bad about it. It's wonderful at first, but such a major distraction. Actually, while typing this I took two breaks to stumble, and I came across some unusually interesting pictures of funny t-shirt slogans.

So I warn anyone that reads this. Beware of Stumbleupon. It may one day just take your life.

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  1. It indeed has taken over my life. That's how I found this page, not by stumbling but on Google, but since it has not been stumbled (surprisingly) it will not be added to the huge monster drug that is...STUMBLE UPON!

    P.S. I have addicted a few people, more than one, more surprised each time they don't know of it and the next time I call or visit, guess what they are doing...I don't even have to tell you.

  2. haha ya. my roommate got me addicted. I got my girlfriend addicted. It's pretty crazy. What did you search for on google to find this?

  3. Its the random reward factor. Same principle behind slot machines.

  4. stumble is how i got to this page, which is actually kind of funny...

  5. i found this stumbling the first day i discovered stumbleupon i was on it for a whole day i cant get off and i do consider it my addiction

  6. It's a great addiction at least.

    Just remember, Give thumbs ups, downs, and report anything that's broken so other stumblers can get better stumbling experiences :-D

  7. I found this via stumple. so addicting... I need another hit.

  8. Ya I started looking at the traffic stuff and noticed that 85% of the traffic comes from stumbleupon. SWEET!!

    Now if only people would check out the other interesting pages lol.