Monday, August 18, 2008

Lightning : and why it rocks

I had never really been a fan of strange weather. I always of course thought that twisters, hurricanes, and golf ball size hail was sweet. Thats just the destructive leprechaun that lives somewhere in my head. Regardless, I only recently became aware of my fascination with storms. Sure, it was cool when there was that loud BOOM and the whole house shook, but it was quickly undercut by the fact my computer would turn off, and I would be with out power /internet for 1-20 hours. That part bothered me.

Now I sort of take it as a "blessing" of sorts. It's a great time to relax, watch crazy wild light patterns through the sky, and think that somewhere, somebodies house just burst into flames. Of course, this is a bit morbid, but think of this. According to the odds of dieing in a lightning strike are 1-83,930 So, of all of the 6.8 billion people roughly 81,000 of them will die from a lightning strike. Thats really, really really low. I have a 693x's higher chance of killing myself intentionally, so meh.

Regardless of the impending death that each strike may potentially cause, they are just absolutely beautiful. Huge bolts of electricity slamming into the earth at the speed of light. Providing awe and inspiration to all of us on this earth (besides the pussies afraid of them).

Now, unlike the common thought that "lightning only strikes a place 1 time", It definitely doesn't. Look at any tall building. They are nailed hundreds of times a year, if not more. Whoever said that, hopefully believed it, and stood atop the empire state building to prove it. Justice is a dish best served cold. Or burning at several thousand degrees Fahrenheit with a bright flash that instantly blinds you, and a deafening roar that can shatter windows. Actually, I prefer the latter.

In saying this I think it is time to refill my beer glass and meander back outside to watch the kick ass storm that is reining current at my town. Natures fireworks are back, and as awesome as ever.

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