Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quote of the Day

All one of you that actively have read my previous blogs and information would know I often do a "quote of the day" when something witty and amazing occurs, and I am present. Well of course, another amazing thing recently happened.

Were sitting in Gojo's room playing some euchre, and we had been making fun of him ALLL night. He is a big bear looking dude, so we always make odd comments and shit, about him being a bear.

Well I move my chair some so I can put my beer in a better spot and i tip over his work boots. They stunk like ass. so I was like "dude, did you shit in your boots?"

Napoleon, with out even pausing is like "he probably shits in them because it's a lot closer than walking to the woods." I just burst out laughing, uncontrollably.

And then it got better. In several Waldo books there is the evil waldo called "odlaw" he wears yellow and black stripes, and he has a moustache. Well were driving to the store to get more beer and we see this asian guy wearing the get up, with a little moustache. With out hesitating napoleon again is like. Hey rook, its odraw! Raugh out Roud funny!

Man is he just fucking hysterical.

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