Monday, August 18, 2008

Packing for college- The Necessities

Seeing as tomorrow is my departure date for that Suny little town of Alfred, I figured I best get packing. I have a small 4 door Taurus, and a good deal of things to go in there, so I had to rate them all on a scale of 1-10. The only problem is, So many things receive a ten.

For instance. Clothes. Yes, as a guy I don't have many clothes. Seemingly 5 pairs of pants, a dozen t's and 1-2 hoodies is enough. Well sadly I refuse to throw clothes away, so I have a larger collection with almost 30 shirts. half of which are free volunteer/blood donor shirts that have since become Tie-Dye. Not only that, but I now face the reality of having to serve on several important boards and committees, meaning I have to dress as if I had some sophistication. So saying that, Clothing got a 10. I need it, and need it bad.

As I glance around the rest of my room I notice all my documents. Old tax returns, pay stubs, HS diploma, awards, letters of recommendation etc. Well I certainly have to take these things. What happens if I end up needing to apply for jobs, since it is my last semester at college. So that box received a 10.

Liquor cabinet. Now, I am a cheap-o, so I don't have a cabinet per say, Just 2 boxes from the liquor store that once held 12 bottles of wine each, that now hold between 8 and 10 bottles of assorted liquor and mixers each. That of course is a definite yes. Who goes to college with out an adequate supply of alcohol. 10

And again, in my search to be cheap AND consume alcohol, I brought it upon myself to purchase a few 30 racks from the local distributor. Seeing as here I can pay $13.99 TOTAl (including tax and deposit) where as at school is roughly $18 with tax and deposit, I stocked up. Yes, my car is sagging a bit to the rear, but I think it can hold up. Who can go to college with out beer?! 10

Next my computer. What purpose would I serve as an Network Administrator, much less blogger/gamer/poet/comic artist/email junk, if I did not have this piece of equipment. 10

Mini fridge. What good is the beer if it is warm? 10

Lastly, my assorted box of crap. Every guy has one of these. It contains all of those little necessities guys often need, especially college guys. First- Condoms. College is a dirty dirty place, so if your going to go exploring, be prepared. next, Band aids. No matter how careful you and your friends are, at some point or another your partying in the woods/strange apartments will lead to more than enough bloody endings. Flights of stairs, Hidden shrubbery, and of course that amazing sport of Bush diving, which I will explain in a later post. All of these need to be tended to, and while drunk, Band aids are a cure all. Speaking of sticky solvers of problems, Possibly the most use full thing a male college student can have. Duct Tape. This is where males and females completely stand out. A female will go out of their way to try to fix something AND make it nice looking. Males? Slap on some duct tape. That doesn't work? add in some crazy glue (often found leaking, attached to the duct tape through an impossibly snug bond). and the last few things this box contains, Toothpaste, soap, a wash cloth, your pit stick, and a leather man (if there isn't one already attached to your belt)
So I look around and don't see much else. Posters -5, lamp -5 (the glow of my LCD is sufficient enough) notebooks-5.. who takes notes?

Surprisingly enough, even with all of this junk I still have a large amount of room remaining in my car. Which makes me wonder. How come every year, while assisting with the move in of the freshman, I just shake my head as I watch at least a dozen U-hauls roll up to the different dorms, followed by a minivan or SUV with a daughter already on their cell phone, complaining of the town, or lack there of starbucks. I just sigh as I wander over and offer my assistance to help them carry some things to their room. Of course the father and I do a majority of the work (as well as other volunteers) and that first door entrance is priceless. The daughter spends 2 minutes with their new key they just got fumbling to get the door open, to reveal not much more than a closet, with bunk beds, 2 dressers, 2 desks, and little closets.

I just love watching the fathers Jaw drop, as he realizes he no longer will be able to drop the U-haul off down the road, but will have to drive it at his own gas guzzling expense, all the way back home with at least 3/4 of the packed materials.

At least there is some justice in the world.

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1 comment:

  1. ok wait just one minute, why is Alcohol not the first thing on your list. whats wrong with you lol.

    i am a female that loves duct tape, mind you when i was in college that is definitely the thing to use but outside of college i will agree with you that i don't use it that often. fixing things that belong to me is a lot better then duct tape.

    oh and i love how you have a journal entry about packing, that would be something i would do, and then have people make fun of me for doing so lol.


    well i hope your last semester goes great! and good luck with Mu Theta and Senate and getting a job!

    miss ya hope your having lots of drunkin' fun nights!