Friday, August 15, 2008

Trying it out

So I have grown tired of just ranting in a blog on Facebook, or Deadjournal, or wherever the hell my blog/rants disapeared to. So I decided why put up with that crap. Facebook has the feature where I can RSS all of these posts in to facebook, and not lift a finger. It allows everyone I know to read whatever I publish. Fantastic!

The downside? It isn't as fun to reach out to such a small community. Especially when it only works for people that download the application and crap. It isn't worth it. So I decided "Why not let everyone read it". Sure, I bet there will be thousands of folks that have done the same thing, and don't get any reads. There are those that cope and just say "well, It just feels good knowing its out there IN CASE someone wanted to read".

Thats a bit Emo for me. I figure I will post for me, so I can look back in a few years and either say "wow, I was brilliant" or, call myself a douche bag.

So with this being said, I will start "blogging".

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