Monday, September 1, 2008

Quote of the Day

A bit tired today from a long and amazing weekend, so today will merely be a quote.

I am a student Employee at Friendlys, so I often get dumb questions
Me: Hello sir, what can I get you today
Customer: Hmm, I'm not sure, What count as meals?
Me: Anything listed as "Meal deals". The soups are listed here (points to sign) and I am sorry but we do not have a #6
Customer: Ok, can I get chicken tenders and fries
Me: Off of Dining dollars, or CSA?
Customer: as a meal
Me: No, we only have those options for meals.
Customer: well that's dumb, Let me have an order of Cheese sticks
Me: your aware that's not a meal right?
Customer: Why not?
Me: ugh, ok look. This panel here are the ONLY THINGS you can order as a meal. NOTHING ELSE CAN BE A MEAL
Customer: Ohh, well I will have a #6 then
Me: I'm sorry, are you going to college? there is a huge sign eye level that says NO # 6, and I already told you that
Customer: But you said that anything listed up there was a meal
Me: Im going to go in the back, you can wait for someone that deals with morons to come help you

I proceeded to go back to the kitchen and stand around not doing any work for 6 minutes as another person attempted to help the customer. He eventually got a Cheesburger meal, complained how the service sucked, and left.

I fucking HATE people

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