Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rush Henrietta Community Garden: An organic outreach for sustainability

Have you ever thought about what it is your eating in that bag of chips, or that coke while your stumbling the internet? Ever thought that it really isn't just potatoes in a bag, and sugar water?
Your really eating a huge conglomeration of chemicals, hormones, and false hope. The bag may say "made with real potatoes" but the genetically altered chemically enhanced potatoes are as close to a real potato, as a dried out apple is. Almost all of the produce your consuming is sprayed over a few dozen times with several different pesticides, hormones and who knows what else. Yet we are worried that the 16 year old at Mcdonalds might have loogied on our burger.

Being an environmentally conscious individual, my brother Chris decided to do something a bit different. He started the groundwork for a community garden in our own little township of Henrietta. With the help of some friends, and the internet, he now has a facebook group with over 60 members, all dedicated to assisting with setting up a sustainable, organic garden.

No pesticides
No Altered veggies.
Just fresh, 100% hard earned deliciousness.

In his feat he wasn't alone. Highmowing Seeds donated 20+ packets of seeds along with the order that was originally placed.
Gro-Moore farms also helped by pretty much donating an acre of land to the cooperative farming effort. Now instead of my back yard being torn completely to shreds, we can use a private plot of land, just off of route 251 and 15 in Rush (A big chunk of the plowed field barely south east of the landing spot). Gro-Moore farms was even generous enough to plow the land for us, to save a large amount of work and effort.

With 100+ seeds starting in my downstairs living room, and countless others preparing seeds and other plants, this garden is looking to take off into a wonderful bliss of delicious organic food. Hopefully as the garden takes off, I will be able to keep up, and other communities may take after this type of garden project.

A healthy life, is a life where everyone wins.

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