Friday, May 21, 2010

Chatroulette: Why It makes me feel good about my Penis

Chatroulette, a webcam using internet sensation started in 2009 by a 17 year old russian teen has become a web sensation. Random people are randomly connected to someone else connected to the same system with a live video and voice feed *if no voice is available, there is text*.
The premise of the game is modeled after Russian Roulette, and for those of you who aparently have been living in a hole, is to take a revolver, which normally carries 6 bullets each in their own chamber, removing 5, and spinning the chamber, pointing it at ones own head, and pulling the trigger. If you hit a dud spot *1/6*, you are a winner that round. You pass to your left and they either spin *in the pussy version* or keep going with the original spin. Eventually, someone blows their face off. Hooray!! It's like a human Pinata! If you play the non-pussy way, and no one spins it, you may run into the problem where the 6th guy in the group sits there, knowing out of all 6 chambers, the first 5 didn't shoot.
Ya, thats a downer.\
Another great example is explained here Amazing Superpowers webcomic, one of the most hysterical comics EVER created. It makes mine look like shit.

Regardless, I decided to try my hand at this game. Even though I heard htat every third image was a picture of someone stroking their shaft.
So myself, my roomate Mike *aka SkrAppy, AKA Batman* and my significant other Julia decided to take the risk and play. We decided early that for each penis we saw, we would all take a drink.

Little did we know, it would end up haunting us!

Shortly after we started we were pretty well smashed, however we did run into a few great people. A punk rocker from amsterdam, a hot chick from North Carolina, and random other individuals, either first time chatroulette players, or people who just like to see penis.

Most people were a bit confused seeing us all together

Others apparently liked seeing nipples, instead of the mass amounts of penis

And apparnetly, most europeans don't know who "waldo" is, and I am someone else

And other weird assholes think i am a pedo!!!

Honestly, why do I deserve a pedo title!!

and when we got bored, we finally decided to jsut fuck with people. Seeing so much penis made us just want to be dicks too!

So basically, we lost track of the number of dicks we saw after we got drunk *15 minutes or so??* 3 sets of tits, 1 video of people fucking, and a lot of weird assholes..

The creepiest thing?? most the people on this site that are just sitting with their junk out, either are playing with a dwarf, or have some ugly ass looking dicks.
No, I did not examine all of them personally, as a general consensus from the three of us, the penis's all looked a bit fucked up. The chick was the only one who really paid any attention, and she has seen more penises than myself, and, Maybe SkrAppy has.

So if your in for seeing a lot of cock, or just want to waste some time, check it out. And if your penis looks worse than the ones on the site, I feel so bad for you.

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