Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hairy Italian Sausages (aka hairy weiners)

I know what your all thinking, "Omg, that guy has turned his blog into a porn site!"

Yes, I know this may disappoint those who googled "hairy Weiners", that was not in fact my intention. This is all about an odd apparently Russian craze that I figured I had to do, Not just because some Ruskies said it was cool, but what kind of Pastafarian would I be if I didn't check out something created by our noodly master! Now, as a few blogs shared, the Russians developed this as a way to get kids to eat hotdogs and spaghetti. I'm not sure, but don't all kids basically eat hot dogs and spaghetti? Rarely do I ever meat a kid who doesn't eat hot dogs. Hell, Eating hot dogs and a box of mac n cheese is basically every kids upbringing (that is besides fast food and other tv dinners).

So I put it to the test. Since I don't really like hot dogs, I went with the next best thing. Italian Sausage, the spicy variety. I gathered up a bunch of spaghetti strands, broke them all in half, and began piercing the sausage through and through, using roughly 20 strands in total. The result? Basically some porcupine looking weiners.

Beautiful right?
Now, none of the websites I saw had instructions, much less instructions in English, so I figured what the hell. Just toss it in, and cook till the meat has temped, and the spaghetti is done.
So I cooked for probably 15-20 minutes boiling, and the meat, ohh ya, that was done. The spaghetti was why it was in there so long.

Pulled out *ya, I hope that gets a fun google tag* and TaDa! I had my own hairy italian sausages!

They came out a tad bit dry (the sausage) but overall was pretty good. I garnished with a vegetable Alfredo mix, and tada! Delicious!

So have yourself a taste of my hairy weiner. You can use hot dogs, or italian sausages.

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