Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pud Light

Last night I was out at Acme Bar in Rochester with some of my fraternity brothers and sorority sisters and came across what I thought was a pretty clever sign.

The sign was originally for Bud Light, a pretty decent beer that has been known to give me gas, but someone managed to pull off a part of the sign and make it say "pud"

For those unfamiliar with the word Pud, it is often a slang word for a males genitalia.

For example "Hey, quit playing with your pud"
People often times will use 2 of the same lettered words to describe it.

"Playing with your Pud"
"pulling your pud"
"plow her with your pud"

Regardless of how you use your pud, it's best served light, less calories, and quite possibly better for you overall. Just be careful if you have any pud light with lime, I heard that it can leave a very dissatisfying taste in your mouth, and if you get any in your eyes, its all over.

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