Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Dog Day 2009

Alas, Hot Dog Day 2009, the annual festival held between Alfred State College and Alfred University occurred with fantastic results this last weekend. Hot dogs and alcohol flooded the streets as numerous events, parties, and a parade took place.

Each year Mu Theta and Psi Sigma Psi team up right outside of Alex's College Spot and cook weiners to our content. We haev always prided ourselves in our awesome weiner handling capabilities, and the fact that we produce probably 1/2-3/4 of all of the weiners sold on Hot Dog Day. This year was no different. Before the tickets went on sale our booth had 100+ dogs cooked and buns all set to go. We sold out of them within a half an hour, even though we had a constant stream of weiners coming off the grill. Our well coordinated efforts allowed us to ensure EVERY Patron could put a weiner in their mouth, with out much of a wait.

This year, We even made the Evening Tribune

But the history of the event was not lost on the Greek organizations that sold hot dogs to the masses on Main Street, along with various other foods, arts and crafts vendors.

“We cooked over 2,000 for sure. We had to go get more,” said Maria Terrigimo, a member of Psi Sigma Psi who helped man the grills. “It’s just great to be out here with friends.”

“We’ve been out here since 9 a.m.,” said Mu Theta member Mike Nuttle, adding the only thing getting him down “not so much, but it’s the heat.”

And of course, the fun didn't stop at the Hot Dog booth. All of us descended upon the bars and numerous house parties to have a fantastic evening full of drunken debauchery. Beer Pong, assorted hookups, and pitcher after pitcher of ice cold fantasticness.

So if you ever have the opportunity to attend a hot dog day, be sure to swing by the Mu Theta and Psi Sigma Psi Weiner Tent, and let us put our meat, in your mouth

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