Thursday, April 15, 2010

Red states vs blue states vs taxes

So we tend to get this common type of stereotype that Conservative red states don't like taxes, While blue states seem not to mind as much. Blue states want things that the taxes fund, red states are pissed that they have to pay taxes.

So lets break things down here a little bit.

And yes, all of the swing states voted blue *poor new Mexico, why did you have to shame us so*

Of the 32 states that gave more than they recieved, 31 voted Democrat this election. Thats 96%!!!
Of the

So does anyone see an odd characteristic here? Wait what! States that want to have programs that help people, PAY MORE THAN THEY RECEIVE!! And states that want less intervention basically suckle off of the other states?
Only 1 state that voted for McCain actually pays more than it receives in funding, and that is Texas, at a 94 cents to the dollar difference. REALLY!

And if you look at it, The blue states that do receive more than they pay, with the exception of Maine, tend to be in the south.

I Think before we raise taxes at all on a federal level, it would be more appropriate to evenly distribute the wealth fairly, so you get what you pay for. The conservatives largest argument is "WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE NOT TO WORK"
Well, Why the hell should all of the blue states have to pay for the red states?

It just completely baffles me. Doesn't it baffle you?
Thank God these conservative states know what they are talking about, and our crazy northern liberal Ideas are going to destroy our economy, kill the elderly, and cause young teens to get pregnant!

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