Saturday, May 9, 2009

Things NOT covered by health insurance

everyone that has health insurance knows there are tons of things that aren't covered. Each health insurance plan will offer different things that it does or doesn't cover, and at what percentage they may cover it. Well, occasionally you have individuals who don't find what they are looking for in the booklets, try to purchase a treatment, and then get pissed that they don't have it covered.

Sometimes, these idiots take stupid to a high and new level.

Yes, apparently people have attempted to purchase illegal drugs, and illegal operations using their health insurance. I can just imagine the conversation.

"yo, can I get a rock"
"ya man, it'll be fiddy"
"heres by blue cross blue shield card"
"what you frontin!?"
"yo dawg, its part of my insurance"
"man, get your punk ass outta here"
"Damn, you think the back alley abortion dude will accept this?"
"you be illin!!!"

I at least assume that's how drug dealers talk due to movies

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