Monday, May 25, 2009

The republican party, not big enough for everyone

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Rochester Lilac Festival, a yearly tradition that has tons of great vendors, occasional good music, and of course, lilacs. Well this year was no different, and with a few beers in a red cup I wandered the pouring rain with some friends and saw what the shops and vendors had to offer. You could buy anything from Artichoke French, to Wax Hands, or even Lawn ornaments made of recycled garbage. Some pretty cool stuff. And as always there are other booths that don't sell an actual product or service, but an Idea. Radio stations, the "Recycle or you kill the planet" van, and the "Hey, come shoot people in a foreign land and get paid to go to college!"

One tent however really caught my eye.

Yes, apparently to be a member of the republican party you now have to be a midget! Sure, you might be white. SURE you might have a lot of money. You have a strange fear of gays, blacks, and anyone different from you. You believe in lowering taxes, for the rich, and the poor. Cutting those communistic things like Healthcare, and Education. And now, you have to be under 5 feet tall.

What group of people has the GOP NOT alienated?

If only he had a nascar shirt on.

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  1. Accusing republicans of being stereotypical and then stereotyping one yourself.

    Typical liberal hypocrisy...

  2. There is a large difference between a stereotype, and an actuality. Conservative republicans have very stringent standards and if you don't meet them, you are pinko commie hippie scum.