Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Israel not accountable

Whats the biggest thing in the news? Israel kicking the shit out of Palestine. Yep, armed conflicts happen all the time and happen in much larger scales than this conflict, however everyone is pissed. Why? Because its the Jews!

Everyone seems to feel that Israel, since they were abused in the past, should be given whatever they want to appease them. We have supplied them with billions in weapons. with nuclear weapons. With every sort of aid. Yet we look at Palestine, and the Gaza strip, and let it all crumble. Why? They aren't Jews!

So Israel banned reporters from entering the gaza strip again. Why? Well it sure as hell is easy to slaughter the innocent when there is no one there to report on it. They are bombing schools, civilians, everything. It is 100% WRONG! And why do they get away with it?
Because there Jews!

And because they are fighting against Muslims. It seems its the world against Muslims. Why? Because Muslims are different than Christians, and more violent about it. Buddhists, Hindu's, you can usually leave them alone. They don't fight back, so there is no fun. But Muslims. Piss off a Muslim, and they will fight back.

Our culture in America mocks Jews. They are the butt of dozens of jokes. They are harassed and looked down upon. Except of course, Israel. Those Jews are the good Jews.

It would be nice if we would hold Israel Accountable. It would be nice if people ever were held accountable. The USA got away with too much shit in Afghanistan and Iraq. We will never be held accountable. Russia beat up Georgia, and they won't be held accountable. The British fucked 3/4 of the world 200 years ago, but they weren't held accountable. The only people we ever hold accountable are people that we beat the hell out of. The Germans, The Iraqi's, The Afghan's, and any other Muslim country. Vietnam kicked our ass, and look. They are 10x's better than that Korean country that's all sorts of divided and fucked up.

We complain that Hamas is being supplied weapons and resorting to terrorism. Guess what. If we just stepped in and said "here Hamas, have all the weapons and tech that we gave Israel" Hamas would beat the shit out of Israel. We constantly bitch and moan that people are smuggling it in to the "enemies" Why the hell was Israel given the weapons in the first place? Because they are Jews.

The middle east is like a beehive. Everyone want's the honey, but if you steal it your going to get stung. And the more bee's you kill, the more stings you will get, until either you stop sticking your hand in the beehive, or you destroy it 100%.

So what are we going to do?

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