Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alfred Squares goes off great

Over the summer I met with school officials, as well as my Greek Senate Exec board a few times to discuss events to do this semester. One of the things I came up with was called "Alfred Squares" a knock off of Hollywood squares. We put professors and staff in the squares, and had sororities vs fraternities.

Well let me tell you, the game went off hysterically! For the first try, and being at the rain location, it worked out pretty amazingly. Tons of questions were answered with hysterical remarks, and the crowd went wild. We played a total of 7 matches, which resulted in the sororities winning 4/7. Sadly we couldn't win, even with some easy choices.

I am pretty proud of everyone to get this event off so well, I was happy, and I think the administration and faculty enjoyed it too. If it had been outside I bet it would have been 10x's better, with a bigger showing, but we tried, and still had a great time. Now that everything is already built for it, Hopefully we can do it each year. I know the competitors were having a blast, so hopefully next year we get a more fierce competition to be a square member.

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