Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BP: Your doing it wrong

For some reason all I could think about today was the BP Fiasco in the gulf coast. A ridiculous amount of oil being spewed into the sea, with no clear plan of action to resolve the issue. Partially due to the fact that BP Never came up with any sort of plan, in case this sort of crap happened. It was one of those "Ehh, IF something happens, we might think about it.

Anyways, I figured that the remainder of this week I would put up some comics and things I make about the BP Spill. This idea sparked my mind as I heard some radio shows talking about how oil companies are focusing on renewable energy and alternative energy resources.

Well apparently so is BP

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2 years ago, they began to come under a lot of pressure regarding their lack of spending on any renewable resources.
Sadly, that hasn't changed much. It looks as if BP will be spending more money cleaning up this disaster, than on all of it's alternative energy research in the last 5 years. Way to go BP!

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