Sunday, July 12, 2009

Newspaper Fail

About 4 years ago I was unable to continue to afford the local newspaper, the Democrat and Chronicle. Didn't matter much since I received 5x's more news, better updated, and with crazy awesome color pictures online free. Well after a 5 hour wait at Midas to have them fix a one hour long problem, I actually read a newspaper kicking around the office.

Leave it to a journalism major to forget the difference between hurricanes, and tornado's. Fail.

I am used to watching the USA Today have tons of spelling and grammatical errors online, never the Democrat and Chronicle. No wonder I was able to be a writer for the D&C back when I was 17. They will hire anyone!

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  1. hahah! very funny!
    im followin you now!!
    since ur following me expect weekly comments jus bkuz i like to interact with all of my followers!

  2. lol waldo your blog is wierd.

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  3. I find it more ironic that it would be two people from Oklahoma, but what the heck were they doing in Canada, eh?

  4. Dude, did it ever occur to you that perhaps it was a tornado that was spawned as a result of a hurricane? Dumbass...

  5. Well since Ear Falls Ontario is about 130 Miles north of Minnesota, and about smack dab in the center of Canada, I think your the Dumbass sir.

  6. Uh, hello?! Ever hear of remnants? Geez!

  7. Bah, Anonymous had posted that it could be a remnant, and I wanted to tell them they were stupid since there was not a hurricane since june 4th, Tornado on July 12th, Next hurricane in august.