Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cows are tools?

My Fraternity brother Twinkie and his Girlfriend Megan were down in the DC area and decided to do the whole "Lets visit a zoo" thing. Megan has a bit of an issue taking a hell of a lot of pictures but she managed to get one good one that I had to steal from her. Well, it isn't really stealing, it's more of a "borrowing" thing, since she knows about it.

Now, I don't know about you guys, but I was pretty sure that Cows aren't tools.

THIS, Is a tool (better yet, a whole assortment of tools)

I can't believe kids actually dress like that, fake and bake, and think they look cool.
No, I can't believe that there are girls skanky and dumb enough to sleep with those guys.

No, no, I can believe it, People are stupid.

Thanks to google for the Tool picture. I don't associate with those individuals so I don't have my own actual tool pic.

If you have gotten this far and your lost, you obviously don't know what a "tool" is.

Taken from Urban Dictionary

Someone who tries too hard to fit in with everyone else.
Someone who can't think for themselves.
A fake person. Someone does things to impress people.
A person who wears only "branded" or "labelled" clothing and thinks that it makes them cooler than others.
A person who tries hard to impress other people
Someone who wears two brightly colored collared shirts at the same time and pops both of their collars.
In extreme cases, the tool looks like a Vampire (Count Chocula).
Someone who takes a picture of you on their camera phone when you're copying homework in lunch and threatens to show it to your teacher is a tool. No one likes the tool and everyone talks behind his back.
And of course, for reference, Here is a picture of count Chocula, one of the coolest cereal mascotts ever.

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