Thursday, November 27, 2008

Operation Turkey Troy

My brothers and I typically help my mom in operation turkey trot each day. This time however the commentary got political

Operation turkey trot is under way. Our forces will take out the giblets located in the thigh province, and replace them with a more friendly stuffing leadership. We will then put all the heat we can on this new leadership, causing it to hiss and bubble, raising tensions and temperatures. After several hours, when all is juicy and hot, we will again bring forth our knife of justice, segregating the white from the dark. we will then throw some taters and corn onto the plate, forcing all to attempt to share the gravy, when there clearly is not enough for an equal society. eventually turmoil will begin. There will be too many taters, and not enough corn. Others will view it as an ethnic plunder, noting there is no Green Bean Casserole representation at all. We will continue however to consume as much as we can from this newly formed regime, until we are bloated and happy with ourselves, causing others who did not consume as much to become angered. Those that lost all to fall into more turmoil and distress, being cast away into the classification of a third shelf fridge nation. We will have bigger operations to pay attention to. Operation Ham Glaze will be coming soon, and the voters, while happy with the initial turkey trot invasion, have become weary of the constant "please, finish it all, get the job done". They are ready for a new conflict, and a new conflict is only 27 days away.

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